Recreational Tumbling Levels 1-5

Tumbling is the foundation for All-Star Cheerleading. Tumbling is a focal point of all-star cheerleading that is a strong contributor to an athlete’s level placement. We have a staff of excellent coaches who will put in the time with each athlete to ensure they maximize their potential. Tumbling is required for all team athletes.

Tiny Tumbling: level 1 skills at a slow and fun pace! This class is for athletes ages 3-6.

Level 1: handstand, cartwheel, roundoff, bridge kickovers, back walkover, front walkover

Level 2: back handsprings, front handsprings, roundoff back handsprings

Level 3: back tucks, punch fronts, roundoff back tuck, aerial

Level 4: standing back tuck, cartwheel tuck, roundoff layout

Level 5: roundoff full, roundoff back handspring full, back handspring series to whips/layouts


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