All Star Cheerleading

The All-Star Cheer team experience is unique.  It is a tremendous amount of hard work as a team.  The team will
work for several months and then will participate in competitions all over the state.  Past years teams have qualified
to compete nationally in Florida.

We offer competitive cheer at various levels. Teams will participate in choreography and then work over several months
to perfect the dance, stunts, tumbling, and overall routine. Teams will compete in several competitions including both Northern and Southern California.


Tumbling Levels 1-5

Tumbling is the foundation for All-Star Cheerleading.  An athlete who is confident in the various tumbles will continue to
do well with the team cheer routine.  Tumbling is a high priority and we have excellent coaches who will put in the time
with each athlete to ensure they maximize their potential.  Tumbling classes are required of all All-Star Cheer participants. 
Classes will be offered on separate days so there is no conflict in scheduling.


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